Project Diary

ASYNC Team Project Diary

Review of Progress

Week 1 - Collaboration
Our team collaborated in the course discussion board for Week 1, just long enough to establish the team and decide on Slack and Trello as our platforms for the project.

Week 2/3 - Case Study and Resources
A lot of discussion in Slack over these two weeks about which company we would choose and what areas of those companies we would like to explore against the theories we were reading about in the learning materials. By Week 3 we had selected, democratically via a Trello vote, Uber as the company we were going to analyse.

Week 3
Discussion in Week 3 was also around how we would communicate by using
“Slack for throwing around ideas and discussion. And Trello for outlining set tasks” (Kim)
In addition to Slack and Trello we identified skills of web/wikidot editing and tools of Google Docs (document management) & Wiki Dot (publishing) and set up templates for assignment work. Jay set up Google Doc integration in Slack so we could access and comment on documents. This was useful for interpreting rubrics and adding assignment feedback from Sky directly against the next assignment to keep us on track.

On reflection:
once the templates for assignments 2 and 3 were set up in Google Docs, our main use of Trello was for voting rather than project management. We investigated a number of solutions for Trello reporting, but the fact that Trello was so difficult to get information out of meant that a task list per person in a Google Sheet was simpler.

Week 4
Work in Week 4 was on fleshing out the Project Plan.

Some very detailed discussion about what perspective we were going to take: look at Uber and apply the theories of economies or look at the economies and draw examples from Uber. We also elected Amy as Team Leader.

On reflection:
Some good discussion around the perspective we should take, but we might not have realised the issue in consolidating our individual reports into one if we were not all adopting the same perspective.

Week 5-6
Work on Assignment 2 and 3 dominated these two weeks. Assignment 2 submitted.

Week 7-8
Work on Assignment 3, with Henry completing the Intro early on and the rest of the team committed to delivering our first draft for ‘peer’ review by 18 July.

We pushed the review date out to 21 July for those that needed it. Lots of discussion this week about the logistics of reviewing, editing and publishing.

We took Sky’s feedback from assignment 2 and worked for several days on making sure there was logic and flow in the structure. This is where it became evident that the two perspectives of Uber to Theory or Theory to Uber would mean a restructure of content.

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